Girls, "Seen" versus "Delivered" in your minds?

This question is for the ladies. So there is a girl I text back and forth, and before you ask no I didn't ask her out yet or share my feelings yet. I know she's a busy person and she works at a restaurant and all.

My question is this: is there an emotional/mental difference between a busy girl "seeing" your message and not responding until later, versus the message that shows up "delivered" but 'unseen' until the girl has time she knows she can text back? Are these differing levels of interest or are they exactly the same thing to the ladies?
I want to know if a girl is interested in a guy would she care to keep the message "unseen" until she has time to respond? Or is it an excuse to not have to apologize for a late reply with a "I was busy" response?


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  • They're the same thing to me.

    My guy is constantly very busy when he's at work every day and many times, he doesn't read my message until he gets a minute. OR more frequently, he checks and reads my message but doesn't reply until he gets a chance to.

    However, I know this because he's told me before. I know he's always very busy at work but there were a couple instances where I thought he may be ignoring me because I was wondering how come he read my message (s) but hasn't replied or how come he hasn't read my message, which I'd sent hours ago. He assured me that he'd never ignore me and explained to me (what I wrote in the previous paragraph above). And sometimes (tho not that often), he doesn't even have phone access at his work because he's training some new people and things like that.

    Because of his explanation and the fact that I've gotten used to his pattern, it doesn't bother me anymore :)


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  • It doesn't matter to me. As long as they get back at me when they're not busy or don't message me when I tell them I'm busy like a certain someone I know (I can't sleep for shit!!)