Girls, what am I doing wrong? Do nice guys finish last?

hi guys, I'm 25 years old and have never had a girlfriend I'm beginning to think its might not happen at all when most of my friends are either dating or casually seeing someone. I've been told I'm alright looking and been given a 7/10. I Don't get it I've got a funny sense of humour and people call me a nice guy. Not too sound stupid but do nice guys finish last? I'm not type of person to give up. Girls to you have any advice?


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  • Your failure in dating has nothing to do with being a nice guy. Most girls choose to date genuinely nice guys, but they just want them to be funny and/or attractive as well.
    I am curious, how many times have you asked out women?

    • I have asked out 4 girls in the past 2 months. Not really as a date though more so " catch up for a drink". An example is a girl gave me here. number we were texting for about 2 weeks then she said she's seeing someone... i don't think I've got bad luck I'm just not trying hard enough I guess.