Guys, How to get this back on course?

So I met a guy I really liked on Saturday night. I should probably mention I have a boyfriend but things have been tough recently with him, we live together and I feel it is drawing to its natural end now.

So anyway, my friend and I are out hitting the bars and we stumble upon some guys outside the last bar we went to who were queuing to get in and I asked if it was the line to get in. I can't remember how but they were told it was my birthday the next day so the tall, hot, lovely, charming chap who's face lit up when I came up to him said he would buy me a drink at midnight and to come and find him.

So, we go in the bar and my friend and I go to get some drinks, the guys go the other way. We have a few shots and grab our drinks then walk away and these guys come back up to us and start talking.

We get chatting and we walk over to the VIP section where him and his friends are seated. They all sing me happy birthday and pop the champagne. I end up drunkenly sat with this guy and we talk for ages... have a lot in common and it was soooo nice. We end up kissing passionately... like butterflies and tingling all over, sparks flying. We keep on talking and he asks me to go back to his hotel but I said no. I told him it wasn't my style and I was a little surprised it was his. He said it wasn't his style and that in Uni he had got past all of this and while he liked me, he genuinely didn't just want sex.

Anyway we had to go and he walks me through the club, he takes the lead rather than watch me battle to the door as it was rammed. He kisses me goodbye.

We had exchanged numbers and when we were in the taxi my friend said to drop him a text. So I said thank you for the night and he starts asking where I am and if I am home. I told him no and he went nuts because I had stopped off for food.

Anyway he lives down country (a 3 hour train away) and we texted all day the next day, it got a little bit sexy and I think I scared him off... Although it had got a little heated the night before and he turned it to the sexual thing.

Now we have stopped texting as he told me I was too full on (even though I told him I was busy and he continued texting earlier in the day).

So how do I get this back? How do I retrieve it? Do I stop messaging and drop him one in a week or 2?


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  • He only wanted sex. When you turned him down, he might have been "cool" at the time, but later put it back on you. It's a play: you're now meant to work hard and show him that you are worthwhile.