What to do if I'm in love with a red flag crazy girl?

Like she isn't the stalk me and kill me in my sleep type of crazy. But she has very low self-esteem, which makes her moods very unstable and crazy. For example we had sex last night and just because I couldn't finish as fast as she wanted me to, she started crying, gave me back my ring I gave her, and started going on about how we are no good for each other. 10 mins of some comforting I was back in her bed and she was happy as hell again. What do I do? Because I truly love her, even though her mood swings make her legit crazy. She has showed me love I never knew could be possible.


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  • Ask her gently if she would be alright with seeing a therapist. But only if you're worried about it affecting her happiness, not your own. It's definitely not healthy for her moods to be that unstable. Is she always like this or only occasionally? Because if she's nearing her period it could easily be a result of her hormones being unbalanced.

    • eh she is always like this. I've noticed during her periods her mood is alittle more sporadic, and worse. Like everything goes fine for a couple days then out of no where bam she is upset about something, crying or telling me im a dirtbag for no reason.

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