I don't want to play any games with this guy. What should I do then?

I met this 44 years old guy, I am 27 and I find him attractive. We were texting on Sunday and it was okay.

I don't want to play games with him, because 1) I don't like them 2) I am bad at it.

To be honest I don't know what to do. How subtly cam I let him know I would like him to know better?

He is pretty busy and not a big texter.


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  • Text him that you like texting him, but you'd rather meet up and spend some time together in person. That's not exactly asking him out, but it's you letting him know that he has a green light to advance the relationship. I've had girls do similar things with me and we were together very quickly. As a guy, it's so awesome to know in no uncertain terms that girl wants to have some face time with you. It removes so much uncertainty and gives the man total confidence that things are working so that he'll feel more comfortable taking the reins.

    • My problem is that when we talked on Sunday he said "You should come over a watch certain tv show" (is not available for -location-), I said "Yes, sounds good" but after that he said "Or you could change your smart tv settings and your tv will think you are overseas".

      For me it was like: why did you add that? We were about to plan a get together.

      I don't know if I want to be too straight forward because we work for the same company and we barely see each other but still.


    • It sounds like he's testing you to see what your level of interest is. Remember, most guys have been jerked around by women who *seem* to flirt and then cry foul when the guy makes a move, complaining about thirsty guys and how it's impossible to be friends with us. There are tons of women who interact with men primarily to satiate their needs for sexual validation.

      So again, try to give him a green light. If you're really that concerned about it given your work situation, maybe this isn't the right guy for you. Sometimes you simply can't mess with coworkers because of the extreme peril in which it places our vital careers.

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  • What do you mean by "play games"?