Girls, Is this possibile? PLEASE I NEED OPINIONS?

IS it possibile to loose feelings for a guy you liked really much after a week becouse he is "too emocional"? Can i try to save it with a talk?

So there is this nice girl who like (d) me and I heard that from her friends
We hooked up and first time we clicked and kissed she told her friends i was perfect for her,
first few days after that i didn't ask for more feedback from friends but they ocasionaly told me that i m the guy she needed.
Then after a week i noticed she acts strangly kinda ignores me... few days later even tho i didt see her for a week coz i got sick i heard from friends that she lost all feelings for me coz i m too emocional
she is still ignoring my text she texts me 2 times a day if i text first, she probably doesn't want to hurt me that directly she is just freezing me
She doesn't know that i know that she has no feelings for me anymore

Few of my too emocional HIGHLIGHTS except my very nice guy personality
(Once after 3 days I sent her a picture of coffe with heart i drew by my self with spoon by the way it looked good
After I made her laugh for 4 lines I texted "hahahahha <3" which she hadn't seen I don't know how is that posibile coz we texted after that... but ok
Once after 6 days I sent her "good morning princes" with a beautiful picture
One Friday i sow her for like 10 minutes she had a bad verbal fight with her ex she seemed so sad as she is going to cry and i acted normal conforting her but then when we huged she just started to cry so i said 2 "too emocional" things "guy like him didn't deaserve you" and "dont worry/think about him" "good night")


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  • I was going to say yes since I assumed there were no physical or emotional contact.

    Lol, I still think yes.

    It is somewhat possible.

    • we went tout together i think 4-5 times and each time we maked out, last time we sow each other we maked out for twice as long as other time
      LoL how i make things possibile so quick and easy I should be magician
      Can i ask you what do you think can I talk to her and somehow save it ask her to be more patient with me?

    • Lol

      I don't know :(
      I dont know if she will wanna talk or not.

      But if you want a straight answer, then yes talk to her.

    • thanks ;-)

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