Should I move on from this guy or leave it alone? (urgent advice needed)?

This guy has liked me for ages and I have liked him too we were so close we kissed a few times, we've even seen eachother nude (no one were close to knows), we hugged and acted like a couple alone but in school barely talked but we were never official but recently as we have exams I've been not messaging him and giving much attention because I want to focus I didn't let him know so he thought I completely lost interest so he did. And the other day he said he doesn't like me anymore to my friend. And I said it's fine I understand, at first I was fine but right now I'm actually really really upset. All my friends are telling me to move on but it happened so quick I didn't even do anything wrong really? It was just a misunderstanding. Well I had known for a few weeks he doesn't like me but I stupidly met up with him 2 days ago and it was just like old times. We hugged and did old things (no kissing tho) he rested his head on my arm and upper body and I just started feeling and rubbing his chest and it was just silent and we just looked around at the scenery. he took me to the woods and we had this mini dance party while walking and he put his arm around me. And he smiled at me, stared at me. He looks at me in such a different way to everyone else and I was day dreaming and he put his face right infront of mine and started laughing Coz I was just looking into the distance. He hated it when I spoke about possible future boyfriends. And his just sad because all these friends just don't know what really happens between us and they look at us in school and how we don't speak and how I never see him Coz of different classes and they're just like "move on its pointless" they don't know the chats and the things that actually happen. But I like having these secrets with him and to be honest I think he feels the same. He knows we have a whole other side of this friendship and no one knows. But it's upsetting when people tell me to move on because they just don't know the truth.


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  • Maybe you two need to sit down and talk about this, so that you can decide what to do. You can't just decide based on what other people said he said... too many misunderstandings.

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