Boyfriend says he wants me to go to his Dad's bday dinner, but it's far away and I have work the next day so I shouldn't go. Invites but disinvited?

I didn't like that he made a decision for me instead of asking me to go, and letting me decide if I wanted to go or not. It feels wrong that he made the choice for me, and even though it made sense I would have appreciated if he gave me a choice. Is it bad if I feel weirded out about being "invited but disinvited?"

He's my best friend but I wish he gave me a choice to answer.


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  • Without all the details it is hard to say but are you sure he really disinvited you? Maybe he was just realizing it was an inconvenience for you since you had to be up early and he was trying to be considerate? In that case I would have been like no babe I want to come, I want to meet your family. That's just me though. My boyfriend does stuff like this to be considerate but I tell him no it is important to me and I want to come.

    • He said it's only one night, and that there'll be other times we can spend time with his family. I've already met his family several times before, and I want to go, but he wants to stay the next day to spend time with his dad. I really want to go, but it's about a 200-mile round trip, and I think he wants to have time with his parents to chat. I told him to say happy birthday to his dad, and say hi to his mom. I also said thank you for inviting me, and have a wonderful dinner with his parents. That's okay, right?

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    • Maybe he just wants time with his family then. Nothing wrong with that.

    • Okay. Thank you.

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