Why are young girls so shallow?

It's funny because most claim they want a nice guy but they really dont. I'm the biggest douche bag.. I'm way to into myself.. have terrible morals.. and my goals in life are aesthetics.. money.. and sex. Ill be the first to admit I'm a horrible person who will ayep on anyone to get myself ahead. I lease a BMW do girls think I have money. Its all an act. Yet all this and I get laid a lot more than all my friends and self proclaimed nice guys. I just really want a girl to tell me why attractive women late teens early 20s are all like this. I truley think girls can't control it. Just biologically wired this way.


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  • Well, not /all/ of us are like this. I would not think twice about hanging out with you from the way you describe yourself. The girls who do think like that, though, try to find either security regarding status, finances or any other thing they might be insecure about. It's either a matter of taste (e. g.: woman is a huge Mercedes fan, has a Mercedes herself, wants a guy with a Mercedes. Logics.) or a matter of insecurity. Women who are insecure about parts look for those things they think they lack in their partners. Wealth, looks, expensive cars; insecure women might think that having a partner that's succesful in life makes them succesful as well, therefore hoping for a decrease in their insecurities.
    Sooo, a young hot girl in her early twenties is a great accessory, but try to dig a little deeper and you'll find these girls to be not /just/ superficial and hot. There's more to each and every one of them.


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  • When you have a lot of guys going after you every day, you tend to go for the ones that display more power.
    Men give too much attention to women these days, we put them on a pedestal and then we wonder why many of them are conceited and shallow.


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  • Same can be said about young guys -___-


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  • cool story bro...

    • Age. 36 years old. Using slang that most people grow out of in their late teens. Solid.

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    • Dude you are 36 years old. Have a relationship status of its complicated and talk like a high school senior. Just shut up lmao. Don't bother answering the questi on if you got nothing useful to say.

    • i answer as i please... i don't see why that reality is so spent on you... haha... retard, piss off.