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I been talking to this guy I met on pof for about three months. We had exchanged numbers and ever since we been talking. I had grown to like him a lot. We had finally agreed on hanging out and he was supposed to come over and pick me up but he never had showed up. He didn't text me back or nothing to tell me he couldn't make it. I was really bummed about it. because I really like him. I want to text him and ask what happened. What should I say and how should I approached it?


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  • He blew you off so send him a text saying something like I was really looking forward to meeting you sorry we won't have that chance good luck to you.


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  • That really sucks. Just literally ask him 'what happened?'. Would be a good start. If he really refuses to reply to anything, maybe he catfished you, or he's really too scared to meet you. I hope you find out about his motives of not showing up :(