Why is he taking so long to call me back?

I've been seeing this guy for a few months and it has been going really well. Friday night we go out and drink way too much and I say stupid, mean things to him in front of his friends. We end up talking for a few hours about what it is that we're doing and both agree to just see where it goes. This conversation was had while we were both exhausted and still buzzed. Next night is my sister's birthday and I invite him to come with us to drinks. He declines and for some reason I read into his message way too much and end up writing him a really long email better explaining myself and how I'm feeling instead of in drunken words. The was last night and I still haven't heard from him. No email. No text. No phone call, so I don't know what to think. I'm worried that might have been the last draw and just be too pushy and annoying.


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  • He's probably embarrassed because of how you acted in front of his friends and thought your damage control with the email was a bit much. Don't call, text or email him unless he messages you. You don't want to appear clingy. Just lay low for awhile and see if he comes around.


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