If you consider yourself to be good looking do you think you would have done as well in the dating world if you were not?

Do you think others only liked you because of your looks?

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  • I don't really think of myself as good looking
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  • On the average day I consider myself to be fairly average. I'm constantly amazed that I've gotten any male attention at all lmao

    Mother always said I didn't have the looks to carry me through life so I would imagine if I were prettier then I'd have gotten much more male attention.

    • Nah, your modest. You are much better looking than you give yourself credit for. :)

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  • No, I don't think I would have done as well. I don't think I'm only liked for my looks, but people have to feel attraction towards you in order to want a romantic relationship with you instead of just a friendship, and I think that's where looks can help. Not that I'm gorgeous, but I think it's very hard if a girl isn't at least decent looking or cute/pretty.

    We can't exactly fall back on wealth, charisma, status, humor, certain personality types, and things like that. I'm generalizing, but a guy's attraction is pretty straight-forward - if you look good to him, you're sexually attractive. Women are a little more complicated about that. Often I think we can't just tell by looking at a guy if we'll be attracted to him or not, unless he's very good-looking. We have to interact with him first to find out.

    • I see what you're saying but at the end of the day do you really want to be with somebody that would not be with you if you were not as good looking even if they like you for other things too? A lot of men who marry a knock out will cheat on them when they reach an age where their beauty fades.

    • I would not want to be with someone who values me mainly or only for my looks, or someone of loose morals/values for that matter, but at the same time I don't find it offensive or a bad thing if looks are playing a part in why someone's with me. I think it's just realistic tbh. Let's say I went from my 110lbs to 300 lbs, am I going to expect my boyfriend to still stay with me if I don't change? I wouldn't. It's just the way things are I think.

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