How do you test whether a girl likes you?

I dont have balls and I dont see them growing anytime soon so I can't just walk up to girls I am interested in, since my balls haven't grown yet, unless I have reassurance. There is this girl that I like, and we talk a lot. She is pretty nice to me, and smiles everytime I see her, but as these are rather ambiguous signs, I want to test a little more and see if she is interested in me. What can I do to gauge whether or not I should ask her to homecoming? Are there certain actions, or things I can say to find out whether or not she likes me?

As I said my balls are non existent so I need reassurance before I ask her, and straight up asking a girl who I am acquainted with, but not close with, would be too difficult for me without balls. What are some things I do before the action of asking her out to get an idea of how she feels towards me?


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  • omgosh just ask her to homecoming.

    • I dont understand how to, I dont have balls remember?

    • get balls, cut the bullshit and excuses and go after the girl you want before a guy with balls gets her.

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  • Can you ask her if she would like to meet you somewhere for lunch one day soon?

    • Thats too straight forward... she will know for sure my feelings towards her, there is only one reason a guy my age would ask a girl her age to plan a lunch together. I dont want to get shut down, I have self esteem problems, if I ask her for lunch and she says no then she will be essentially saying "no I am not interested in you" and if she doesn't want to get to know me then there is no way she will date me. If she says no that will be the last anyone sees of me for at least a week because I will be too devastated to show my face, asking girls out isn't a casual thing for me, it takes weeks of emotional preparation, support from my friends, and pre rehearsed lines for me, even with an hunch that she likes me. In this case I dont know how she feels about me at all so I need some help figuring that out. I dont have the experience, confidence, social skills, or looks of other guys so its really hard for me to do things as straightforward as this.

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    • P. S. Telling chicks that you don't have balls isn't cute; it's pathetic, and you should look for a better way of expressing your feelings.

    • Allow me to speak from experience here. You just have to jump on the opportunity. I landed my Homecoming date seemingly by chance, met her through a friend somewhat randomly. We got to talking over text, she had some weird experience with someone asking her, but she had said she didn't really want to go anyway. So I mentioned that and she said she was thinking she might want to, so I just went for it, like "might be fun to go together", she said sure, we wound up planning a little afternoon outing the day before. Even still, I have no clue if she likes me, so don't worry, it's not like she'll be like, "haha, gotcha, so you have a crush on me?" if you just see if she wants to do something with you.

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  • Ask her and see.


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