Which super power do you think would best help your relationship or to attain a steady relationship (RELATIONSHIP not Hookup, ya shapeshifters!)?

I think that teleportation would be the best, because I wouldn't have to have a guy pick me up, I can TOTALLY not worry about which one of us is gonna be good to drive, we could get into theme parks FREEEE, and I could take extra long getting ready.
The only negative is I wouldn't be able to ditch them when I need me time lmao


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  • Invisibility! Just seems so awesome to me, you can prank people lol and play as a ghost XD

    • Invisibillity would definitely be cool, lol plus you could also get into places for free lol

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    • For sure! It would be awesome lol.

    • Thanks for MHO! :)

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  • Probably mind reading. Imagine how many arguments and fights you could avoid.

    • lmao omg you're crazy imagine how many arguments and fights you can start! lol you make a smart asss comment she walks away thinking you're a dick. lol or like she randomly thinks about her ex at the theater or like thinks about how many exes she's had, I don't know maybe you're a stronger person then me, but gossshhh my insecurities would kill me

    • Hmmm, I guess I never thought about it that way.

    • lol maybe I'm just paranoid

  • Power to grant wishes

    Cause then I could wish that my crush loved me back.


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