Older girls, are you typically more conservative when giving a guy your #?

Long story short, a gorgeous older woman (mid to upper 30s) and I hit it off. We exchanged #s, but she takes a while to respond. She's responding, but taking her time and showing interest. I feel she may want me to persist. Personal experience has taught me older women (30+) are more conservative. For example, with girls around my age they prefer that they pay for half the date. With older women they get mad if you do not pay!

***Let me rephrase, I DO NOT have a problem paying on the date, it was just an example of cultural differences between then and now :) ***


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  • I have always been completely honest. Then again, my number is under 5... So I guess it's conservative but only because I have been conservative/in long term relationships with most of my partners!

    • Lol I thought u were talking about discussing your number of partners!

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    • Who doesn't like a little bit of a chase? I hope you get a response to at least confirm your decision. Best of luck! If she's not the older lady for you, I'm sure there are plenty of others out there who would make you happy.

    • I doubt I will, but I have another date next week anyway. Thanks!

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  • That's why many modern girls around our age are better since they're not conservative.

    • I'm not sure how the girls around our age are in your country, but the girls at our age here are boring mind games players. Girls who are 25+ are typically confident, straight forward usually, know what they want, and overall much sexier. Most women play mind games, as do guys, but older women do it within reason. The younger ones are relentless and it bores the hell outta me...

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  • It really depends on the girl
    Some, like myself are more conservative; others are not
    As for who pays, i find it's more of a cultural thing, than an age thing

    • So if you gave your number to a guy who is in his mid 20s who you find attractive how would you play it? Assuming you know he just wants to have fun? I figured she probably just wants me to persist because she doesn't want to feel objectified which I understand...

  • Yes. More conservative. We've already been through that phase and now its more about qualities and not quantities.

    • I understand, but it's so miserable because she's so cool and so hot! Ughhh, she takes her time responding and gives semi short texts, so I'm a little confused at what she wants me to do. I threw the ball in her court yesterday, but she never responded. I was going to wait a week and try one last time. If nothing else then... next!

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