Should I go or cancel it?

I was playing anagram games online which has feature to chat to other user. So I have been playing with this guy who beat my high score, and we chat a little bit, it was fun and all.
long story short, he is on a busines trip now visiting my country, and he asks me if I want to meet him over a coffe after work, and I thought it's gonna be fun to meet new people and I said yes. he then add my whatsapp number and I just found out the he is a lot older than me, like he went for college when I was born, and frankly he doesn't look attractive.
should I go or cancel it? I don't want to be rude but I'm kinda afraid.

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  • Well, it's only for a coffee so what if you don't find him attractive?
    If it is because you don't feel like it's safe, then ok don't go.
    I don't see why you would be suddenly afraid because he is not attractive though.


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  • You said yes to him, therefore it would be a little rude if you said canceled on him.
    Go to the date but arrange to go someplace with a lot of people in order to be safe (or take a friend with you). Also, be sure to remind him that you are only going there together as friends and nothing more.


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  • Make sure it a very public spot, and if it doesn't feel right don't go.

  • If you have to go, don't go alone. Bring at least two capable friends with you just to be safe.


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