What if a guy wants to date you but is too scared or too comfortable? How do you know if he wants to date?


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  • If a guy really wanted to date you, he wouldn't be uncomfortable. Shy maybe but not uncomfortable. At least I don't think so.

    • when i say comfortable, i mean he has his group of friends and he is afraid that will change if he dates someone.

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    • yeah i know his friends pretty well and i don't want to break him from that but i feel like he is comfortable with here he is and he doesn't want to budge, thats why he said fwbs with me. but the way he is, he's not a hook up boy material, so thats why i ask.

    • Well I guess you two have to just talk through everything and establish what you want and what you don't.

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  • How are you certain that he is scared?
    You're confusing me. If a guy wants to date you, he won't be scared or uncomfortable around you.
    But he may be shy.