Which of these are best places to meet single women for shy guys?

I know a lot may say online but is it a bit pressuring then because you're going in with the intention of dating then?

  • okcupid
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  • Happn
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  • A mountaineering club or other hobby group
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  • A sports club
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  • A class
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Either a hobby group or college classes.

    • What about volunteering

    • That sounds good as well!

    • Volunteering isn't a good way to meet potential dates though I find.

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  • Dude I beg you stay away from anything that has to do with online dating just go outside man

    • What about volunteering

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    • I was on the same boat as you I am a natural shy guy but I can perfectly act like a confident guy you just need to practice and break off your chain

    • Were you anxious about approaching too? Did you feel awkward in social situations?

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  • None real life in the moment is always the best

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