Does a man love a woman more when she helps him to be more confident? or will he turn into an arrogant jerk?

They often say treat them mean, keep them keen. I'm not a game player, I'm loyal and nuturing.

Men do you love a woman more when she makes you feel good about yourself? Or will you start to think if I can make this awesome woman love me I can do the same to other girls, and start cheating on her?


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  • If a woman makes me feel good, I want to spend more time with her. Most times that's going to lead to love.

    • How soon will you say I love you if that is the case?

    • When I'm feeling it... and feeling that she feels the same.

    • Fair enough, what is the soonest / longest time it took to say it? I'm just curious cos what we have is great but we haven't said it yet.

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  • It really depends on the guy. Some guys end up arrogant assholes with such treatment, while others simply get more confident and they start believing in themselves more.

    • I guess we have no control of other's decision of what they choose to become. I only asked this questions because he usually say thanks when I give him a compliment but he didn't yesterday. However he still treats me well in general, he would pick me up and drop me off. Still very affectionate.

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  • Yes, a man will certainly love a woman if she helps him become a better person, if she helps him become a more confident person.

  • being more confident is all about self


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