Girls, What makes you want to go on a date with a guy if he asks you out?

Hi guys, I'm curious to know what makes you go on a date with a guy. I'm hoping you might be able to give me some tips, unfortunately one thing I wasn't born with is game haha. I've meet a girl that I like and I don't know they best way about going about it other then coming off as an idiot... My apperance isn't that bad I don't think apparently I am 7/10 let me know what you think? Thanks.


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  • I need more information. How close are you 2? Did you just meet? Have you been talking? What's the current nature of your relationship?

    • I work with her at a bar we hang out while working probably 4 days a week. And we all might get a drink after work on occasion.

    • Have you talked to her? I. e. say next to her while you were all out as a group and spoken a bit in that context?

      If so, then perhaps invite her to something casual. If you both like haunted houses, for example, ask if she'd like to go to one. Or if her fav band will be in town ask if she wants to go with you.

      If you haven't had any direct conversations with her, then start there.

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