I dont care for dating anymore?

Anyone in the same boat? I've just gotten fed up with it and all the games these girl play. It's like I want something serious because I am in a point in life where I need to get serious about life and where it's going. It's so hard finding a girl who is low maintenance and doest require much because we both realize our situations. My experiences have really put me off dating, to the point where I dont care


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  • Dating is just like life. You are going to meet plenty of selfish people. It's important to realize that those people are not a reflection of all people. You don't want to date women who play games? So don't. Also realize that everyone has issues and baggage. What you may think is "playing games" could be someone acting based on insecurity or how they've been treated in the past, same as you. That's were communication and wisdom comes into play. Is this a person who is willing to work on their issues and move forward as a couple or are they selfish and don't care. The latter are the ones who play games. The former are just flawed indiviuals like yourself.


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