Gifts/Surprises for my guy... Can it be too much sometimes?

So I like to think that I have a talent at giving gifts & surprises. I'm a very selfless person by nature and it genuinely makes me happy to be able to brighten someone's day with a surprise or make them feel listened to/heard when you give them something really thoughtful. It's genuinely something I enjoy, and I'm not sure some people always understand that (especially if you're not that type of person)

anyway, that being said... I like to do that for my boyfriend, as you can imagine. The other day I decided to make him a mix CD... Something I don't think I've done since high school - MAYBE college. But I just thought it would be fun. I put a good mix of 12 (upbeat) love songs - Rock, Rap, Indie, Classic Rock. Even drew a little cartoon for the cover. Same week, I also bought tickets to a MLB playoff game in town that I surprised him with. (He's a big baseball fan - and so am I) we've gone to a lot of games together and I just thought that if our team was going to be in the playoffs and at least one of those games would be in town - should definitely go.

Is is this kind of thing too much? Overwhelming? In my mind it makes sense and I enjoy it. I do these kind of things pretty often... Whether it's just picking him up a coffee or treat or grabbing tickets to something for us when something looks fun.

Dudes - How do you feel about gifts/surprises from girlfriend?


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  • Who doesn't like being thought of? But yeah, it can be too much. If you get to a point where you are feeling like your gifts are not being appreciated the way you feel they should, it's not him, it's you going too far with it. My girlfriend does this sometimes. ... she'll bring me food or coffee and she is trying to do something she thinks I'll like, but then if I don't eat it or whatever she'll get frustrated that I didn't like or want it. It annoys the hell outta me when she does that cause now I feel like I gotta go out of my way to eat drink or use whatever she got me so she doesn't get frustrated. While I appreciate the thought, sometimes I'd rather it just be a thought. But really it's not often an issue, it sounds to me like what you are doing is just kind of normal fun stuff that couples should be doing together and for one another.


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