Why do I attract very attractive woman who happen to be "damaged", "daddy issues", yet it's exciting and stressful?

Before I gained a lot of weight I was still shy and quiet and generally a quiet nice guy. But I attracted a lot of girls with bad history. I lost weight and thought that was behind me but I still felt shy and insecure (family history or sexual/emotional abuse). But I never seemed o attract the cute girl next door. Always the hot girl every alpha douche wants by his side "a trophy".
which is weird because I'm nothing like that it's like we can be in a group and I can tell she's being ostracized by the other girls and we end up talking. Guess I feel bad they get left out because well girls can be mean to each other.
The relationship starts and its passionate amazing especially since they are gorgeous it's well a huge ego boost. Their insecurities has them hanging on my every word compliment and kiss.
but eventually their insecurities and baggage wares on me and I have to call it quits. I hate that I can't or don't attract stable woman but at the same time they unstable ones are much more exciting. Also tend to be gorgeous they just turn into a hot hot mess.

Reason I call them daddy issues is because five girls in a row fathers weren't around. Died, commit suicide or girl never knew him.

So I don't understand how woman who are drop dead gorgeous can be so insecure it gets old. From leaning their chin on my shoulder to see who I'm texting. Or being upset because I'm comforting one of their 300lbs female friend (like I would cheat on a blue eyes red head of 120lbs for her). To just yelling at me if they thought I even looked at another girl.


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  • They enjoy the attention and affirmation you give them... it's up to you if you want to tolerate their obvious insecurity.

    Most guys would be fine having sex with a sexy woman, no matter how insecure she is.

    • Attractive girls are never short of guys to date. .. certainly

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  • I honestly hate to say this but you're looking for the truth aren't you? You're a rebound simple as that.

    You're not very attractive and like you said these girls are pretty unstable and went through a lot of crap with their previous relationships and after they've broken up with their hotter boyfriends you've always seemed to be around and come to their rescue. You remind them of their dad that they've never had or the dad that they wish they had because you're a nice guy unlike their past boyfriend.

    So I don't know you might actually have it pretty good have these girls left you once they've picked their fave up off the ground? Or are the girls still with you regardless?

    • Yeah I know better yet they are so hot... I'm actually a jerk. I've turned down "good" girls to spend time with some of these damaged woma.

    • Granted I'm not stuck on them they would make for horrible relationship type. Just seems like I attract them more than I hope

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  • seen the movie "she's out of my league"? Ur like the guy in that movie, after the woman is done with the other men, she comes to you because she wouldn't have to worry about competition and knows u can't afford to be a jerk to her

  • That's women dude. Not all of them, but a good number... Gotta weed out the good ones