What should I do? How can I make it more than friends?

Okay, so I like this guy that's a senior and I'm a sophmore. Right now I think he's just being a nice and caring guy because he has good sportsmanship (gives all of us high fives) and he asked me about my broken finger (like how it feels) because he didn't want to hurt it more when he threw the frisbee to me. How can I make it be more than friends thing? I don't want to weird him out because I'm younger and I feel like I should just give up. I don't know what to do. Please help.

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  • Go for it, my first major crush was on a freshman when I was a junior (continued through the next year somewhat too).


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  • Be patient, if he likes you, he will make the first move and let you know, he should anyway, it is not up to you.


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  • Honestly he's just being nice, there's nothing that hints at him being interested in anything more. And the age difference is also too big.

  • go for it lol send him flirtatious hints and see how he reacts lol

    • Come on be serious.

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    • if he's this nice guy like you say he wouldn't care about how you look during that time and if he does you should wanna be with him, i still say talk to me flirt with him ask him for one on one practice and generally move on from there

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