What do I say in this situation?

So i'm going to ask this girl that i like on a date. We are either going to see a movie at the theater or just chill at my place. If she says yes (I think she will), what if she asks why i asked her? I don't know what to say. I can't say: "It's because i like you". It would be weird. Can anybody help me this?

I'm 15 and she turns 16 in a month by the way ;-D


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  • You: "Hey do you wanna go see a movie on Friday?"
    Her: "Sure. Why?"
    You: "Wait... uhh... what? Why? Well, uh, because I wanna hang out with you. You know, spend some time with you."
    Her: "Oh."

    Why would she ask why you asked her in the first place?

    • I was thinking more like on the date she would ask: "By the way, why did you ask me to go watch a movie?" for eksampel. But i don't know why she would. I'm just a little nervous :-)

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    • You're welcome, now go out and have babies with her.

    • Ha ha :-D

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  • If it's a first date, just keep it casual and friendly. A response like "I enjoy your company and want to get to know you a little better" or "you're really pretty and nice and I just want to spend some time getting to know you!"

    Something like that will be great. It's friendly, complimentary but it's light.

    • Thanks fot the advice! I'm just a little nervous and don't really know what to do :-)

  • girls different age would react differently. above it says that you are under 18. So I don't know how old you two are. if she is around 14 , she will react in one way. if 17 or 18 she will react in a different way. no doubts. so maybe if you tell how old you two are that will help lot for people to answer your question

  • "It's because i like you" is exactly what you tell her


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