Tips on telling a girl you like her?

So I've had a crush on this girl before we were friends and we have been friends for a while. And we are talkative to each other, touchy and fun but I feel like if I dont do anything now I will be like this forever. I know her and she knows me and I care about her.

After seeing a guy making her laugh who came to her girl table during lunch I was struck with reality about being just a friend. I've been worried about this fact and about how other guys might approach her. And today she informed me that she lost a bet to her female friend about a guy likeing her, I asked who it was and she said "no one" and teased me about keeping secrets from me. And then later in class I told her to keep away from a friend of mine who seemed very eager to spill out my affection for her which worried me. THIS WAS A MISTAKE as now she keeps asking why and obviously I can't tell he because its about me liking her. And she wouldn't let it go for the whole day and kept turning around to look at me.

We are going to have a study group at the local library tommorow with her on other female friend and I really feel like I need to tell her cause it's driving me crazy. This could turn south cause maybe I am just a friend :(, but I can't keep this feeling hidden forever. I mean we even made a hand shake today lol so I dunno how my chances are. First I need to get her alone with me for a moment :/. Any tips? Never done this before? This too un romantic?


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  • Just be yourself, muster up your courage (even if you have to fake it), and talk with her. Alone, if possible, or in a public place if she's not comfortable.

    Girls around your age are going to be just as confused, worried, insecure, and emotional as guys your age are. But the two biggest things that draws a girl's eye is courage and confidence.

    Courage, because she's having to wade through a hell of teenage boys trying to attract her interest with all the subtlety of a sledgehammer, addled by hormonal changes that are telling them one thing while their brain tells them another and their friends are telling them something else. All in all, bad (or misunderstood) advice all around and all of them are trying to get with her. So by being real with yourself and then with her, you will be doing something a lot of men a decade older than you still haven't learned or done. Take the first step and talk with her directly, being honest all the while. Don't force it if it doesn't feel right, as you'll know when it happens.

    And finally, confidence. If you aren't confident, fake it. Not to her, but with yourself. Why? Because fake confidence becomes *real confidence* given time and repetition -- you start being confident about being confident, as it were. Confidence is key because it tells her (without word or verbal explanation) that you are comfortable in your own skin. Remember, girls pick up on non-verbal cues better than guys (unless we are focused on that at the time), so if you are comfortable then SHE becomes comfortable. Also keep in mind that she's still learning about herself and what she wants (with everything that implies), so she may not be entirely comfortable with herself yet.

    What this means for you: Be yourself, talk to her, and try to see where she is coming from while letting her know (as bluntly as possible) where YOU are coming from. And if she's interested, she will let you know.

    Finally, its not a bad thing to be her friend. It sounds like you have a head-start on that already, which is something many people still haven't figured out.

    Good luck!

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