Guys, When he says you're cute what does it mean?

This guy I've been seeing told me I was cute.. Is that a good thing or a bad thing? Is he just trying to be nice or what... I'm not sure how to take it.. I didn't ask him anything we were just ingaging in conversation a normal conversation then there was a slight pause and he looked at me and said "you are such a cutie" what does this mean? Is there a deeper meaning to these words?


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  • You never have anyone call you cute before? It just mean that he thinks you are cute. When a guy say that, it is likely that he is serious about it and really think you are cute rather than that he said it just to make you happy.

    The deeper meaning is that he thinks you still possess your youthful qualities despite that you are in your 30's. If you want to find out more of the deeper meaning, just respond by smiling and saying "thank you, in what ways I am cute?"

    • No I've been called pretty but never cute so I wasn't too sure I mean babies are cute and I'm a grown woman so it confused me a little lol thanks for your help

    • Cute ≠ immature.
      Cute = still possess youthful qualities. (i. e.: energetic, joyful, blissful, interesting)

      When I call girls cute, that is exactly what I meant.

      When I call a girl beautiful, pretty, or gorgeous, this is what I meant:
      Beautiful: I am very enlightened by your character and heart.
      Pretty: I find you to be physically attractive.
      Gorgeous: You are very noticeable in a positive way among a group of people.
      With you by my side, you are replicating Heaven on Earth.

      Never take cute as an offence.