I got her number but I'm afraid, how do I get to know her better?

I was working in an emergency room as part of a clinical experience for my EMT program when they assigned me to follow a phlebotomist. I didn't think much of it at first, but she turned out to be a really good teacher, and I found myself attracted to her. She was really sweet and shared the same goals as me. I found myself talking to her and asking her questions just because I liked hearing her voice.

Somehow, I worked up the courage to suggest that we trade numbers since we're both interested in the same line of work (paramedic). This surprised me, since I'm too afraid to even talk to classmates. I texted her to thank her, and mentioned that I appreciated how good of a teacher she was and that I thought her voice was very calm and relaxing. She said she was glad I got some practice in and that she would be happy to help out any time.

Now what? I think I have a crush on her, but I'm positive that she sees this as a friendship or study buddy type of thing. I'm not opposed to that idea, I'm fine with taking things slow as I've only been in one relationship and it was fairly short. How do I suggest that we meet up and do things without being too flirty/weird/creepy?


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  • Talk and text for about a week and then suggest meeting up. Cause some women think thats desperate.

  • Well good for you


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