So their is this girl I have been talking to?

So I have been talking to this girl the past week. She knew I had a girlfriend but we broke up a a few weeks ago. She was talking about not getting your girlfiends name tattooed on your self and I was like dont have to worry about that, Dont have one. A few days later she asked me are you sure you dont have a girlfriend and I said yes Im sure why do you ask? since then she has been on and off texting to me. We dont see each other much at school and we are both busy with sports and work at nights. But I was going to ask her if she was busy tomorrow night and if she would join me for dinner. thoughts?


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  • Maybe she thinks you're lying to her by telling her that you don't have a girlfriend.
    Anyway, ask her out.


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  • Go for it if you'd like, don't if you aren't feeling it.

    To be honest, she sounds like she's interested but is curious about how interested you were in your past girlfriend (which tells her both the level of passion you can produce and your residual emotional feelings for the woman in particular).

    Standard practice of females: Dip your toes in to see how cold the water is before you jump in.

    So again, go for it if you want or don't if you don't. Just keep her in the loop so she doesn't get embarrassed by being caught "off step".


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  • Do it, what's the worse case senario?

    Don't be a wimp and regret it later on for not asking. Also, GL.