Girls, Ladies, what makes you attracted to assholes?

I've noticed for quite some time that the only way I can do well with women is if i pretend to be an asshole because unfortuantely me being nice gets nothing. I know women cry to their friends and act like "what a jerk this guy is" but why do you go back to men like that? Is it an emotional sadism, you realy like being treated like that? Do you feel like you can change the guy? let me know.

  • I just think assholes are hot
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  • I feel like i can change him
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  • for some reason I kinda take pleasure in the pain
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  • I don't like assholes
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  • wait... who told you women like assholes? the answer is NOPE... we don't!!!
    It may happen that when we start dating someone and at a certain point he turns into an asshole... we just immediately dump that person... and also when it comes to nice guys... they are hard af to find and also they sometimes have sky high standards and most of the times they end up dating the b****y type of chicks because that's their choice and they wonder why they are treated badly!

    • well i noticed for some reason actually the nice guy always loses, nice guys aren't hard to find, you just reject many of them and I think that is the truth. Something about the bad boy thing turns most women on, what do you think?

    • nah i don't find myself attracted to assholes. sorry

    • well, that is very mature of you :)

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  • sorry i dont do anal

  • ok! sometime get back in that relationship bec we feel like we can't get another guy or find someone better than that guy or bec we fell head over heels with him. that's why a lot of women deal with it and keep letting it happen.

  • Nothing, that's why I reject them. I wish I liked them though because at least they happen to be more sincere than some "nice" guys.

  • its not that he's an asshole its that he's an alpha.

    attractive, confident and self made guys are babes and sometimes can also be an asshole.

    no one wants to date a needy and clingy, no self esteem "nice guy" who's going to obsess over them

    • well, i feel sorry for you, you can have your bad boy that treats you like crap then. It's a shame you do not really know the definition of an alpha male and it is sad that you believe an alpha has to be a guy that treats you like garbage. Being confident is not being an asshole, being self made is not being an asshole. There are tons of "nice guys" that are very much alpha, but they bring something to the table that the bad boy can't, they are financially stable, treat women better, more educated, and are more sophisticated. Why in your opinion, does a guy have to treat you like crap? please understand that is not ok and that does not make a guy confident. I just don't understand why i have to be an asshole, i'm tired of it.

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