Romantic ways to tell/show attraction?

I've been seeing this girl for approximately 5 months. I've only kissed her twice on the cheek, but we have great times together. We do admire each other and I want to propose that we become exclusive. I really really like her. How do I do that in a smart approach?

I thought of pulling her to the side as we are walking- or holding her hands while we're out for dinner. Then telling her the things I like about her... Then I'd ask if we can be something exclusive?

Thoughts and ideas?


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  • Yes, holding hands is a good way to show romantic attraction. Forehead kiss is another way to show genuine love/affection/ attraction towards the woman


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  • What you described in the second paragraph sounds really romantic. Also, tuck her hair behind her ear. That's a really attractive move.

    • Thanks! Any other ideas? I want to tell her how amazing I think she is, and how her strength is something I need in my life. The strength she possesses is unmatched that I've seen, I'd also like to tell her how intellectual she is, she one of a kind. And then after saying that do you think I should word it like '*her name* lets be exclusive'

    • Absolutely. Also get her chocolate and/or flowers!

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