Is it necessary to tell a girl that u dont see a future with , that u like her?

I LIKE HER so much , she likes me back too
The thing is she's older by years than me and this fact punishes me in the face so when i graduate from uni she will be around 30 although there are only 3 years difference but my studying goals won't allow me to graduate fast ،so would it look needy if i said it in a way showing that i like her and i understand that its impossible to have something big?


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  • I personally think the best thing to do would be to be completely honest. That way she can decide if its worth it for her or not.

    • Yeah i agree, should i give hints?
      I mean this should be straight forward i know all i did in the past is that i showed interest but not to the degree of saying it out loud

  • Look, I like a guy and he is younger than me by a few years, 3 or 4. We are in college, and sometimes I think about what type of relationship we could have. And then I remember that I don't know what my future brings. Maybe I decide not to have any relationship with him because of fear, and then I will regret it all my life.
    I will be almost 30 by the time we finish college. But that doesn't scare me at all. I mean, at least in my case, I don't see me married and with children at that age, yet.
    If you think you have to talk to her, do it, be honest. She might not like it. Or maybe the her answer will surprise you.

    • I feel like telling her because the longer our relationship goes and im silent without asking her out!! the faster she will friendzone me , not for my lack of experience. It's also fear of losing her.
      But since I will say what goes in my heart it will make me happier to lose her than being her friend.

    • I hope u can take a good decision about him as well🙏

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