If she loved me, would she do this?

I've been dating my girlfriend for over a year now, before me she dated this other guy for like 2 years. When we first started dating she had this quote on her facebook title basically saying "at the end of the day, you left me, i didn't leave you" I never said anything to her about it but its still up and she changes her facebook regularly so she could have easily taken it down. She also always has her facebook pics as her with her girlfriends at a club. We live together and everything seems cool but i'm just wondering if you really loved someone like she says she loves me, would you still have that stuff up?


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  • Maybe she forgot about that part... she is human after all.

    As far as the profile pic, who cares! I've never had one of me and the guy I'm dating, nor has he had one of us (1 year strong). It's just facebook, and honestly, people read too much into it. Plus, as the saying goes: "the best sign of a healthy relationship is no sign of it on facebook"

  • Hmm that's a little odd. I would just straight out being it up to her. I'm not into blasting my relationships on Facebook but I do have a few pics with my be of fun trips and stuff. That's weird that she doesn't


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