Girls, she took a day to respond, but she still seems interested?

So I'm moving to a new town and this girl that I go out with and sometimes hook up with when we're around one another is living in the area. So I texted her if she wanted to go out to eat when I get up there (To her, It should be really obvious now that I like her). She takes a day to respond, but still acts interested with exclamation points, trying to continue the conversation, and a smiley face. I guess i'm just confused. Like why would it take that long for her to text me back if she was interested, but then why text back at all and still show a little interest if she's not into me for that matter. We've kept it really casual, we're good friends (2 years), and really comfortable with one another because we've shared some really intimate stuff; which are all things I keep trying to apply to her late response time which also just recently started happening haha. So basically just any advice on to what is going through her mind and how she feels before we go out would be well appreciated.


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  • That's a long time to respond.

    With you moving to her area, she might be wondering if this means a more full time commitment as opposed to the casual relationship you have had in the past.

    I would think that if she was really into you and wanting more, she would have responded faster. Despite what is going on in her life.

    Continue to watch for any other delayed responses or little red flags. It may be a very good indication that you two are in different places for what you want in terms of your relationship.

    • Yeah I don't want commitment/full time and I know she doesn't either haha. I just want to casually date like maybe meet up once a week/2weeks and have a good time

    • Maybe she just needs that confirmation then that you don't want the terms of your relationship to change.

      I imagine you will get together at some point in the near future. Maybe just casually throw that into your conversation with her when you are with her next.

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