I said he was dead to me?

This guy purposely tried to anger me and ignore me and i kept texting him and he kept replying ''bye'' ok'' bye'' go to sleep'' bye'' go'', he wouldn't block me because he couldnt let me go yet he didn't wanted too, i asked him to come see me, i begged him to say what is bothering him, did i anger him? what did i do? and he kept replying childish, he loved the attention, so i got angry, i was done and i told him that till the day i die, my last breath he will not be acknowledge by me as a human being and i declared him dead, that i will not acknowledge his excistence. He just said ''ok'' but at that time it didn't mattered to me, im 23 , a young woman, he thought i was a whore and was sleeping around with men, while i am a virgin, i kept telling him that and he kept dismissing me, is this harsh for me? but to me he is really dead in my eyes and after writing this i would let him go, i was so hurt but i felt God spirit and instantly i was healed from it, like god opened my eyes and he said to my heart ''why do you need his love when you have mine? let me handle him'' and it might seem crazy to you guys but i truly felt gods love at moment, and i was angry at God for a long time and stopped believing him. I know its not a christian thign to declare someone dead, but he must know he cannot walk over a human being like that.


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  • good screw that pansy


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  • This sounds ridiculous. It sounds like you texting him was bugging him so he was saying bye and ok hoping you'd stop but instead of stopping you continued on annoying him and ow your mad at him and he is dead to you. He's probly glad your done acknowledging him, men don't like to be fussed over like that and if you continue your not gonna have a successful relationship. If he didn't want to talk about whatever it was just leave it alone don't continue on about it annoying the hell out of him.

    • No, he was playing me. He kept seeking attention in different ways while not speaking to me, so i texted him, he was angry at me and didn't wanted to talk. I hate people who that, cause he was obviousy bothered by something and he didn't wanted to talk, its not ridicilous, he said he would be there for me as a friend, that all i needed to do was call him and he will be there for me, he gave me his word and he lied to me, another person lied to me, i feel like he was toying with my emotions. Why just not say i do not like you, and i dotn want anything to do with you, he said he didn't block me because i was entertaiment for him.

    • To me if someone says bye I'm not gonna keep texting them. Just forget about him and move on if he way playing you why would you want anything to do with him anyways. People now days don't know how to tell the truth so your best bet is not believing anyone says unless they prove it to be true. If he said he'd be there for you yeah you can try and call him but it won't guarantee he'll be able to help or be there for you at that moment so you just count on him or anyone like that cause most times you may end up alone and not have anyone.

    • he said he liked ''my sympathy for him'' and my ''dishonesty'' it made him ''crazy''

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