How do you even begin to tell a guy that you like him? Seriously, how do you approach them if you haven't talked in a while without being awkward?

It's just driving me insane because I've liked this person for some time now and never told him. I've been confused about whether he liked me or not too because he would show signs then he wouldn't and then he was taken, etc.


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  • Just approach him and confess. Well not right off the bat. Like approach, start a convo about something and when a while has passed and the two of you are comfortable with each other, then confess.

    • Ok, I see but how? Can you give me an example? For instance, I'm assuming that if you start talking about, I don't know, florescent lighting then BAM you say "hey by the way I really like you", that won't go over well.. How do you transition smoothly?

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    • Just flat out say (name) I have something to say, hear me out then if you have to get up and leave quickly. Most likely because you be embarrassed the cats out of the bag, at least they will now know, go from tbere, won't be as bad it seems promise

    • Let it marinate for awhile and then wait for a response, watch body language as well

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  • in my opinion, the worst thing you can do is try to be subtle about it. Just straight up tell him in some way that's clear and unmistakeable.

    The approach is the tough part. I recommend going for the conversation approach. Strike a convo, catch up and talk about common interest, etc. When the time feels right, bring up what's hot on your mind.

    • Yes, but how do you recommend saying "what's hot on your mind"? So, word for word how would you yourself say it to someone you like.

  • Hey, how've you been? Just talk to him like a normal human being. As if, friends, but do some light touching, play with your hair and stuff like that. If he doesn't get the message, then be straightforward with him and ask him out.

    • Oh ok, but for the "straightforward with him part" how do I exactly say it? For instance, can you give me a few sentences on how you would start it based on what I said above? That was my main question.

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