Should I tell him I dont to go on the date?

So I asked a guy out and we are planning to get coffee tomorrow.

So I "met" him on tinder when I liked him on accident and he messaged me. He wasn't bad looking, kinda cute, but not someone im really attracted to. We started talking a little, one thing led to another and that how we planned Our date.

Right now im not sure if I even wanna go, I always feel bad when I go on dates with guys I dont find super attractive. Should I tell or what? Is there no point in even going?


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  • I would tell him you can't stay long, go, meet him, and assess if you might Co side another, longer date. Can't know until you know. Give happen stance a chance


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  • Is physical attraction something that matters a lot to you? Then don't waste his time, nor yours.


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