Girls, To date or not to date?

This questions go out to my "asian" sisters. I am half Filipina and half White.

I have dated a lot of guys and I am only 21 yo, but have dated enough men to know what I like and don't like. My mom always pushed me to date Filipino and Asian men, but she and my aunt i look like are married to white men. My 7 other aunts that all live in the Philipines are married to Filipino men. Mom always has had a double standard when it comes to me, but my 3 sisters and brothers can do "no wrong".

I don't like dating Asian men due to them treating me like a 2nd class citizen, a piece of property, they expect me to be their servant and wait on them like they are a king, AND my biggest complaint is every one of them suffers from "little man syndrome"; yes, they have small, skinny penises and having sex with them leaves me empty and needing more.

i have several gfs that are vietnamese, korean, japanese, filipina/pacific islander, and mixed race Asian white or black. My bff Renee is 27 yo, half japanese/korean and she is dating this totally amazing white guy that is 6'2" and i would so date him in a second if he was single!

All of us agree we like being treated like women, like equals, like our guys treating us as special to them, and yes, sex with them is really great!

So my question is:

As a "asian" girl, do you get pressure from your family to only date Asian men? What do your parental units say to guilt you?

What do you prefer dating, Asian men or white men or black men?

Why do you like dating "outside your race" as my mom was always harping on me about?

Honest answers are appreciated. Oh and this question only is going out to us girls! No guys and their snarky and smart ass responses!


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