The women that make the man better?

You ever feel or notice or maybe now realize, that every guy you've ever dated who treated you like crap because he was inexperienced and immature, he got into his next relationship treats that girl so much better, gives her all you ever wanted, do you ever think "I hope you treat the next girl better? " sometimes I want to be that girl the guys treat better. But I can't help but to only be the test woman. I really do try to hove a man what he wants maybe I'm missing something, something that makes guys want to take it a step further, guys I like (who Started Liking me first) never want to take it past just dating, talking stage. Never asked to be in a relationship, won't even give me a compliment but they compliments my friends, they get in relationships with other girls...

Feeling confused


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  • Don't get with a guy if you're going to try to change him.


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  • I believe we all feel that way because it's exactly what you think it is and it's not what you think it is.
    He's in a new relationship he needs to get in good show her the world etc. Get comfortable then he shows his true colors and yes she might give him something you weren't aware he needed but he also didn't say anything so he probably didn't know he wanted it either until he met her. if you guys are on okay terms you can ask him what you did wrong if you feel you in fact did something wrong.
    I'm speaking from personally experience I've been the "test girl " for either my race or for simply looking lIke" a decent fck" quote un quote.
    It's not always you so don't think your defective or missing something.


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  • Well you could also try and ask the guy to be exclusive


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