Why would he do this?

We met, hit it off and he asked to see me again so we set plans. Then he just stopped answering once I got home. I left him him be then today I decided to sent him a message.

I sent 'Hey just for future reference I hope you know you could have just said you weren't interested instead of saying you wanted to see me again even just not bringing it up would have been better.'

He replied with 'I never said I wasn't interested... I wanted to see how long it would take before you sent me something like this' when I asked why he said 'Cause I wanted to see how clingy you are'

I don't unruly someone would test with that or do that.. Any ideas

I don't really *


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  • He's a fucking game playing asshole. Don't waste anymore energy on him


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  • If he had any respect for you, he wouldn't be pulling shit like that. I wonder how he'd feel if you did the same thing to him. If he was still interested, it was his responsibility to reply to your texts instead of purposely choosing not to.


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  • Leave him. He's obviously not mature enough.


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