Am I too young for him?

So I met this guy some time ago and we are currently dating and getting to know each other better before we DTR anyway. We totally hit it off from the beginning, we have much in common etc. However, he is 35, I am 21 (22 next month) and this is the oldest I have ever been with. For me it is perfectly fine, I cannot be with guys my age at all ! He also tells me always that I am so mature for my age. But sometimes I feel he hints at this like when he is too tired and I am just teasing him and obliging him to stay awake he would be like "I'm an old man, not like you!". Sometimes he would be like "I don't even remember what I was doing with my life when I was your age!". Sometimes when we speak about life in general he would be like "well I am 14 years older.."
For me, these remarks are nothing much, i keep teasing about them as well but I just wanted to know from the GUYS, would you date a 21-year-old girl? What do you think he means when he says these stuff? And GIRLS, have you been in the same situation?


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  • Pretty sure those things are meaningless. Younger girls are awesome :)


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  • I am 21 yo and dating the love of my life, he is 41 yo.

    Yes, those questions always come up, especially, when you are 40 he will be 60 yo. He is young for his age, yet mature.

    I don't date guys my own age due to them being immature, not really knowing what they want out of life (except sex with every girl), don't have a career job, and most are like, College, duh?

    I have dated a lot of older men myself and yes, some are duds. I just get tired of all the drama with guys my age. So, I say that you need to just enjoy life and if he is happy and you are happy, go for it!

    I know a lot of peeps where one partner is 15 to 20 years older, usually the man. They are happy and the real secret is the older partner has to stay in shape while the younger partner has to accept that their partner is older and sometimes may not be able to keep up, or be interested in what you like.

    It's life. As long as it is a healthy relationship and both of you are happy with each other. If your guy is making these comments, and they don't bother you, then good.

    If he is making these comments and you feel they are a danger sign, then talk to him about it. "Talking" is one of the best things older men are really good at!

    The only advice I give is make sure he is not with you to have "arm candy" or to show off "he can date a younger woman". I have been there and after 6 mos to a year, he started taking me for granted and looking for the next "young thrill".

    Good luck and I am always on here if you wanna talk more about being with an older guy! This is the happiest I have ever been in my life!

    I have been with my guy since April 2015, but have known him since Aug 2014. I had a long time to observe him with other peeps and see how he treated me and others. (He has proposed 6 times already, but I told him I will tell him when I am ready... I will do the Penny on Big Bang Theory thingie and propose to him when I am ready! He thought that was a great idea!)


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  • do whatever you want. Some people your age deals with drugs and other crappy shit. Being with a more mature man, seems like a good thing to me if that is what you prefer.


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