Unsure about what to say when I see some girls I haven't seen in a while?

its the holiday weekend here , in Canada Thanksgiving is in October. there is a number of people i have not seen for a while or since summer ended. most of them younger people who went to bars or pubs i went to during the summer and i often saw them there but haven't really been to that pub since summer ended and a lot of the younger people i knew who worked or went there headed off to school or other things. so i haven't talked to any of them for a while and not really sure what they are up to. a couple of these girls were rather annoyed with me by the time summer ended and not really sure what to expect when seeing them again , should i just say hi or start a conversation? i realise there is an age diff here but i'm only 30 and the younger people i meet there don't really view me as being much older than them and none of the girls ever said it was an issue , i'm just someone they see at the bar and familar with by now


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  • Just be cool, man. All you can do. :) "Hey." With an understated smile. Don't force it or look eager. Just be cool.

    Good luck.


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  • If you've already established a mutual friendship with them, you can open with "hi" or "long time no talk"", because you don't have to impress them or do small talk, as you've already done that in the past.