I can't tell if I am talking to a boy or a man. Can guys just be really bad at texting and they really don't know what to do? Is he shy?

I met this guy at a party toward the end of summer. We kissed and starting to hang out at 2 additional parties. Than after summer he asked me out and we wNt out about 4 times Finally I went away haven't heard from him and so when I got back I told him to meet me in the city. And his response was vague, but I can't tell if that's the way he text and let that be the excuse or if he's just over it.

He wrote "yea if I come to the city I'll text you"
I guess I am annoyed he didn't just say yes

I feel like he is just shy...
(He's a bad texter to begin with)


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  • Ummm...(sarcasm mode ON:) ... they have this new fangled thing called a phone, you can actually TALK to people like they're in the same room as you, it's amazing!! Lol. Just call him and sort it out! Some folks can't text or dont care to... But he might be seeing someone as well. Best to just talk to him and figure out where his head is.

  • HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, you have a fucked up definition of manly because I DON'T EVEN TEXT.

    I talk on the fucking PHONE.

    • Well that's why I think he's a boy. I don't think he knows what to do at all

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    • thats probably very true. Never thought like that. Thank you

    • I know you didn't because you are submissive. Society teaches women to be submissive, not assertive, and then women want to be taken seriously. Most women I meet tend to be like you. Unable to do managerial tasks. @asker

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