Does he want me or not?

The guy Im seeing casually is very affectionate with me, pays for ecpensive things, opens doors, is very sweet and we get along well. I tell him things I like about him and Im verbal about that. He is complimentary about my humor and my intellegance, but he has not ONCE said I looked nice or was pretty.
I just wonder if he's attracted to me then. I mean we make out a lot so I guess so... I just wonder sometimes.


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  • Sounds like he's baiting you into a relationship full of sex pretty much... seems like your easily woooed with all the gifts and charm

    • We aren't sleeping together. You're way off buddy

    • Baiting you into it... means he's trying to get you to trust him think he's got your back and allow you to open up and be comfortable enough eventually get there.. not that your there right now

      Just sounds like it... but i could be wrong.. what do you think?

    • Well I mever slept with him.

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  • I think you shouldn't assume anything, maybe he is just not of that verbal type of a guy. Maybe rarely expresses himself, by nature he might be like that. Some men are there who show affection, love in many other ways. I just want to ask you does he show his love/affection by forehead kisses? sweet/affectionate cuddles, no I am asking about cuddles only and not having sex.

    Why I am asking is because forehead kisses are an excellent way of showing love towards a woman. However yes I understand your feeling.

    • Best answer. Thanks.

    • We do cuddle he is very affectionate in public. He drinks a it too much that worries me too

  • Be straightforward and ask him where he stands. Why is everybody so afraid of being straightforward? Just say how you feel and if he doesn't replicate the feeling, he ain't the one.


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