Can nice guys still get girls?

I was wondering can a nice guy get a girl if he's confident, not needy and knows how to flirt pretty well and decently physically attractive?


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  • Get girls? meaning as friends or girlfriend/lover?

    Well if a , guy is only nice, 100% nice then yes he can get women but will be restricted to friendships only, because a woman will eventually get bored of guys who are only 100% nice, they are perceived as weak by women so they are not considered a lover/boyfriend material.

    However a nice guy can get women as a lover/girlfriend if that guy is not only nice, but is rather a combination of:

    1. Niceness

    2. Assertiveness.

    3. Is confident,

    4. Strong willed

    5. Is a little choosy about things choosy means like he knows what he wants and will not be satisfied until he gets that.

    Hence if a guy has these above mentioned additional qualities in him and still he is a nice guy only then such a "NICE GUY" will have women in his life as a girlfriend or lover. Only then he will come off as appealing to women, not otherwise.

    Otherwise a 100% nice guy will only get women as friends and nothing more. In today's world being 100% nice is useless, won't do any good to anyone be it man or a woman.


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  • (looks+confidence) > everything else

  • If by nice, you better not mean push over. Be polite, generous, and genuinely care. That's the way of a gentleman.

  • no. girls want rude, unconfidnent, needy, ugly guys...