Did I finally find out why we never ended up together all this time?

Thus guy and I- whom I've known for A year, we've been texting everyday despite where we were IE in Europe etc.. He's my best friends older good looking bro. As soon as I met him I couldn't take my eyes off him. He was fun, caring, cool and not like everyone else- he was different. He liked me back. All summer we called, texted. He asked me out, until I finally gave in. I had the best night ever. We kissed, a lot, and it was awesome! Then a little later on we did 'everything else'- even better. His sister was psyched for us- she knew it would happen sooner or later- we were Googly eyed whenever will and I looked at eachother.
2 months later, both of us nervous to Define our relationship, he says he's in a relationship with someone else. He doesn't say this to me though- he just brings his girlfriend to his sisters part for everyone to meet. He introduces her to everyone but me on purpose. When she leaves we flirt again. I can feel him looking at me from across the room. He pushes me, we have friendly banta convos that entertain everyone more than us (actually it's pretty fun!). U get the gist. This happens every event- all the time. Fast forward to this week, when we still text every day, usually first thing in morn or 10ishPM (when I know his girlfriend isn't around), I tell him my brother has his first gf- a family friend.

His response : family friend. is he shitting where he eats?
But yea by doing that he's avoiding 'she's a dick head' risk.

thats all he said. We usually have essays. I replied- but we have deep meaningful texts all the time and funny ones too- is this the reason why I'm not his girlfriend now? Bc I'm his sisters best friend? Is that what he's trying to tell me? A normal response would be "great- your brother has his first chick- is she nice?" Kind of thing. Not this. He's dating a girl same age, exactly same hobbies as me same hair colour as me- just quieter and lower than his usual standards. And he knows it.

Am I reading to much into it or?


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