I'm in year 9 she's in year 7?

Yo, so I saw this girl on my bus and around school late March early February and I've crushed on her since. I wouldn't normally worry but she is in year seven and I'm in year nine. I noticed her stareing at me on the bus a few months ago and I brushed it off like nothing happened, but it's get more and more frequent and I've noticed some of her friends (on the bus) look at me two. I feel weird and creepy liking someone that much younger then me (I'm 15 and a bit, I don't know her age.)
bit more information. When she looks at me she we often make eye contact for a few seconds the she blushes and looks away, she also try's to do it anomously before but needless to say it has not work, I haven't talked to her and any information about what I should do or weather you think she may like me would be awesome.


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  • talk to her, whether you like her or not because there Is something you would wanna sort out

    • What do you mean by "wanna sort out"?