Is this a bad sign?

My girlfriend basically friendzoned this guy from her job, he really liked her and they dated a couple of times. We started dating and have been living together for a year. She still works with the guy but has had no contact with him outside of work, she actually told me he was just ignoring her at work. The other day I looked at her phone and noticed she texted him and wanted to know why he didn't wish her a happy birthday. Then I saw another one from a couple of days later when she texted him at like 12am basically trying to tell a joke or something. He didn't text back either time. Im just wondering why she is doing this, I mean, if you know the guy probobly likes you, why are you texting him? It just makes me think she's not really committed to me. Is this a bad sign or nothing?


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  • Not a good thing. She's looking for attention and an easy way to get it is from someone she knows has a crush. It's not cheating, yet, but I'd be careful. People who aren't happy with the relationship attention tend to be the ones who look to cheat.

    • I agree here... she likes the attention of someone chasing her.

      I'd approach her with this and challenge her to be honest with herself whether or not she wants out. I'd ask her to do some soul searching and if there's doubts.. tell me about them and if she decides that this isn't for her.. tell me up front.

      Last thing i want to happen is someone sabotaging instead of doing the tough task of breaking up the legit way.

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  • "It just makes me think she's not really committed to me."

    Because she's not. As has been said, she's looking for attention from a plan B in case she doesn't like you.

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