Why does she look at me differently after I went on a trip?

I had this girl that liked me and I kind of liked her. She talked a lot with me in the beginning and she was really open to me.

Until I went on a trip in a foreign country and posted a lot of photos and statuses on facebook. Ever since then she seemed really busy for no reason and would not talk to me the same.

She seems to be a modest and humble person and maybe the stuff I did on the trip and posted on facebook might have turned her off. Or maybe now she thinks she does't have a chance with me.

I didn't post pictures with other girls and really extravagant stuff.


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  • She may have met someone else while you were gone. I think you should just ask her straight out that's the only real way to know what is going on, if your wasting your time.

  • Have you tried to contacting her ask her how she is doing? Did you maybe brought something back to her? Or did you leave for a long time. maybe she moved on.


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