Whats the point of asking guys out? I have better succsess Just doing nothing?

Whats the point of asking guys out? Guys say that they would love to get asked out and that girls have it easier because there is a big chance that the guy will say yes.

The times I have guys will say yes, but they will always cancle it or find some excess for it to be set another day or why they can't show up. Whats the fucking point?

Im so done with it.. at least I show up when I say yes to a date. . Or give them notice at least two hours bwfore if I can't show up.


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  • Welcome to our world. Too bad you don't plan on staying long.

    • No.. im going back to Just sitting around and waiting untill guys ask me out. by the way I feel bad for you guys.. its an eye opener

    • I know that's why I said the second sentence.

    • Yeah... must sucks to be a guy Sometimes

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